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Seaweed Salad $12

Pacific-Wakame seaweed with black and white toasted sesame seeds. Served with a wonderful wasabi soy dressing and lemon slices. GF without dressing. Add seared *Ahi Tuna $6



Sushi Tower $14

*Cold Atlantic smoked Salmon, fresh cucumber, avocado, sweet cream cheese and scallion. Served with our wasabi soy dressing and seaweed salad. *only available certain times

Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Plate $14

Weekly selection of cheese and accompaniments. Ask your server for details. For 2. May contain meats. *only available certain times

The Elizabeth Esther Cafe' is named after my grandmothers. They knew how to make everyone feel at home and made everything from scratch. The spirit of the cafe' is one of WHOLESOME traditional love.

Have a Seat


Tomato Basil Stuffed Avocado $12

Generous Fresh California avocado with marinated tomato and basil caprese. Topped with our house balsamic glaze and Parmesan Cheese No cheese for

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos $12

Large fresh cheese stuffed Jalapeños (4) wrapped in apple-wood smoked bacon and broiled to perfection and topped with balsamic glaze.

Ny Strip Blue Cheese Crostini $12

Marinated medium-rare NY strip steak sliced on toasted crostini and topped with blue cheese butter.

Triple Cheese & Crab Dip $16

Fresh lump crab in a creamy wine infused dip. Served with fresh grilled bread or Organic Blue Corn Chips. If you like crab dip you will love this!

Fresh Tomato & Basil Bruschetta $9

4 toasted Crostini, topped with a generous mixture of tomato, basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Finished with our house balsamic glaze. * add savory lump crab $5

Caprese Garlic Portobello $12

Whole marinated Portobello mushroom filled with assorted heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and melted mozzarella and broiled. Finished with our house Balsamic Glaze.

The Sampler $14

Our famous Crab Dip, fresh tomato Bruschetta, and home made Pico de Gallo, served with choice of fresh bread or blue corn chips.

Lunch Menu

We are always working to create better items for our guests.  We strive to make everything in house with real ingredients.  




Chicken Parmesan $24

Marinated chicken breast breaded in Italian bread crumbs, herbs and spices and topped with marinara, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Served with choice of pasta

Chicken Poblano Tacos $18

Roasted Poblano peppers with spiced rubbed chicken in a cream sauce in a grilled flour or corn tortilla on a bed of wasabi cilantro slaw. Served with pico . 2 tacos. With corn tortilla

Fajita Chicken on Rice $24

Perfectly grilled marinated chicken breast with sautéed onions and mixed peppers in southwest spice. Served over traditional or cauliflower rice with flour tortilla, cheddar cheese and sour cream and pico. with corn tortilla

Crab Cake Platter $32

Our famous Crab Cakes features pure lump crab, broiled to delightful! Served with homemade slaw and vegetable of the day.



Bourbon Maple Salmon $26

Seared Salmon served with sweet potato mash and vegetable of the day.

Beef & Pork

Mini Meatloaf $24

Not your mama's meatloaf! Two miniature loafs packed with spectacular flavor. Served with herbed potatoes or cauliflower mash and vegetable of the day. Choice of; Original or Flavor of the week

New York Strip Steak $32

*marinated NY strip steak, char grilled to order, except well done. Topped with herb butter or blue cheese butter. Served with herbed potatoes or cauliflower mash and vegetable of the day

Slow Cooked Boneless Country Ribs $24

Fall apart ribs in our slow cooked homemade sauce served with rice and vegetable of the day.

Zucchini Lasagna $17

Fresh sliced zucchini, layered with cheese, marinara and Italian herbs, topped with a three cheese Italian blend.


Wild Mushroom Ravioli $18

Ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms and covered in a rich marsala. Topped with shaved Parmesan Cheese. upon request $6 choice grilled chicken shrimp Salmon

Catch of the Day $26

Daily fish and seafood specials. Served with rice and the vegetable of the day. Ask your server!

Lunch menu

Alfredo $18

A rich and creamy Alfredo sauce served over your choice of noodles, topped with fresh herbed tomato and Parmesan Cheese.

Pasta Creations

Scampi $18

A buttery garlic wine sauce with a hint of fresh lemon served over your choice of noodles, Topped with shaved Parmesan Cheese.

add Protein $6 Grilled Chicken Shrimp Grilled Salmon

Marsala $18

A rich mushroom and marsala wine sauce served over your choice of noodles, Topped with shaved Parmesan Cheese. Request or or and we can make it happen.

Pasta Choice Whole Wheat Spaghetti Linguini Zucchini Noodles

Margarita $18

A fresh tomato basil sauce served over your choice of noodles, Topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.


Lunch menu



Vegetable of the day $4

Ask your server

Mashed Cauliflower $4

Creamy and rich. Cauliflower with cream and Asiago cheese.

Mom's Peach Cobbler a' la mode $8

Warm peaches topped with a crisp buttery topping. Served with vanilla cream.


French Onion Soup $8

Sauteed onions with sherry wine and herb butter topped with crostini and Italian cheese blend. with gluten free bread option.

Soup Du'Jour Cup $5 Bowl $8

Ask your server about our fanciful selections of soup.

Nana's Pickles $3

Two Homemade refrigerator pickle spears made from an age old family recipe. Probably the best you have ever tasted.

Homemade Slaw $3

Fresh sliced cabbage and carrots with organic home-made sauce, made with agave and no sugar.





Fresh Berries and Dark Chocolate Hummus $8

Seasonal berries served with decadent dark chocolate hummas.

Add a Side Salad $3 House or Caesar

Organic greens with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper and cheddar Cheese. Or Romaine with Parmesan and Caesar. Dressings: All made in house: Ranch, Wasabi-Soy, House balsamic vinaigrette, Caesar, South-West Ranch, Buttermilk Blue Cheese ^Must be added to a meal, appetizer or soup

Sweet Potato Mash $4

Fresh sweet potatoes mashed with creamy butter and brown sugar.

French Bread Pudding $8

Served al la mode with fresh berry chutney and candied nuts.

Herb Roasted Potatoes $4

Baby potatoes roasted with fresh herbs.

Lunch menu

Beef & Pork

Black and Blue Flat Bread $16


Crab Cake Sandwich $16

New York Strip, sauteed, onions and mushrooms, topped with Blue Cheese and crisp tomato served on flatbread.

Sandwiches & Salads

Sandwiches Served with choice of homemade pickle, cole slaw, **cup of soup or side salad.

Caesar Wrap or Salad $12

Crisp romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan cheese and House Caesar Dressing. $6 choice chicken shrimp salmon

One 5 oz. lump Crab Cake served with lettuce and tomato on a toasted Brioche roll.

Shrimp & Avocado Taco Salad $16

Jumbo Grilled Shrimp with fresh tomatoes, on a bed of organic mixed greens with peppers, onion and cheddar cheese. Served with house made chipotle ranch dressing and tortilla chips.


Herbed Chicken Salad Sandwich $16

Herbed chicken breast with seedless grapes & crisp celery in our wonderful aoli sauce. Served on ciabatta topped with lettuce and tomato.


Roasted Beet Salad $14

Roasted beets served on a bed of mixed greens. This salad is topped with goat cheese, mandarin orange, candied nuts and dried fruit. Served with house balsamic. No cheese

Stuffed Tuscan Chicken Sandwich $16

Three cheeses with marinated heirloom tomatoes and chicken, fresh basil, garlic and parsley topped with pesto mayo. Served on a toasted flatbread.

BBQ Rib Sandwich $16

Slow cooked boneless country ribs served on soft brioche topped with home coleslaw and smoked gouda cheese and homemade pickles.

Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Flatbread$14

Roasted zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, and red peppers topped with goat cheese on garlic pesto flatbread topped with fresh basil.

Lunch menu
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