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The Renovation Story

The renovations began in 2016 and lasted three long years.  The end result is a beautiful historic manor for all to enjoy. 

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Exterior Front 

The Cobalt Manor was built in 1868 by J.C. Bailey.  Mr. Bailey owned and operated the town lumber mill which was originally located west of the property.  The manor is built in the Italianate Victorian style, exemplified by the hipped roof, cornices and front pillars.  

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The East façade faces East street adjacent to Rt. 13.  When we purchased the property the east side was a dilapidated garage, driveway and overgrown brush.  

It became our event pad and patio.

The west side meets the east with the Italianate inspired side entrance from the patio. 

Exterior East and West  

The Cobalt ROOM

The Cobalt Room is the Manor's name sake.  When you walk in the front door and turn to the west, this is the fist grand room.  With wood trim around windows and doors that is nearly one foot wide, the original crystal chandelier, and the rich cobalt walls, this is the "fancy" room.  The first floor boasts 12' ceilings and elaborate details.  The original fireplace was ripped put when the house was used as a half way house and the room was divided.  To take the place of the original we found a mantel from the same period.  

The beautiful tiles that surrounded the original fixture were cobalt blue storybook tiles imported from Holland in the 1800's.   These tiles are near impossible to find today.  To reproduce the tiles we found original images and duplicated them on to transfers onto tile.  It was painstaking work. but well worth having the look of the original tiles.  

The original hardwood floors have been restored but still bear the scars of abuse.