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Savor the Spirit

We feature local, organic and sustainable spirits from around the world. Come and experience a variety of whiskey, Scotch and Cognac alongside the perfect gourmet food pairing.

$78 per person plus gratuity. Includes a five course meal with accompanying spirit (1 oz) with each course.

Five courses of local and/or organic creations…

First Course- Macleod's Malts Island Scotch- The nose is dry with a strong sea salt influence; your first taste reveals balanced sweetness behind the iodine and peat - and a seemingly endless finish.

Rosemary olive oil Focaccia bread with aged organic cheddar accompanied by smoked salmon on top of citrus herbed rice with dill aioli.

Second Course- Painted Stave Bourbon Whiskey-It balances the sweetness of corn with the spiciness of rye for a robust take on the classic American spirit. All of our bourbon is aged for at least four years in heavily charred white oak barrels to impart an extra kick of oak flavors of vanilla, toffee and spice.

Traditional southern Burgoo Stew. Slow cooked beef, pork and chicken with root vegetables and herbs, slow roasted the southern way.

Third Course- Macleod's Malts Highland– Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky quietly reflects this monumental place. Elegant and complex yet well-balanced and smooth, the wonderful dryness of the finish is the perfect farewell.

Cajun shrimp caesar salad with marinated heirloom tomatoes and avocado.

Fourth Course- Painted Stave Rye- Diamond State Rye, is a Maryland rye-styled whiskey, where corn is added to contrast the spicy nature of rye and produce a whiskey with more subdued spice and rounder subtler flavors. The sweetness of the corn helps balance the dry spiciness of the rye

Prime Rib au Jus served with herb roasted potatoes and Parmesan roasted brussel sprouts with a truffle balsamic glaze.

Fifth Course- Cognac - As a blend of young and lively spirits, this organic Cognac Selection has been specially crafted to make it pleasingly round yet lively in mouth, thanks to our trademark fatty distillation process and an aging in old oak barrels.

Dark chocolate smoked almond cake with chocolate ganache and a blood orange, Cognac drizzle.

*No refunds

*Unable to accommodate food allergies or preferences.

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