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Old Western Saloon Murder Mystery

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

August 25th 6-9 PM at the Elizabeth Esther Cafe located inside the Historic Cobalt Manor.

$49 per guest plus gratuity

It is 1870 in the Saloon and the deputy has just been shot. You are a suspect and an investigator in the crime. Break out those cowboy boots and plaid shirts and get ready to have fun partner!

Caesar Salad with grilled portobello mushroom

Pico de gallo and guac with organic blue corn chips. Made in house for the freshed dips on this side of the Mason Dixon.

Bourbon Maple Salmon with sweet potato mash and grilled asparagus.

Or Southwest Sweet Potato- Roasted sweet potato topped with southwest cilantro black beans and red onion and smothered in mozzarella cheese and lime avocado. Served with blue corn chips and pico de gallo

Bourbon glazed Peach Cobbler. Our famous peach cobbler, topped with sweet bourbon glaze, served al la mode.

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